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June Birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone

June PearlsJune has not one, but three birthstones: Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.

In this issue of Adina’s Newsletter, find out some interesting information about the fascinating and unusual birthstones of June:

  1. There is only one other month of the year that boasts three birthstones. December’s birthstones are turquoise, zircon, and tanzanite.
  2. The pearl is also the birthstone for the Sun Signs Gemini and Cancer.
  3. Pearls are organic gemstones created when a tiny irritant such as sand enters a mollusk’s shell. The mollusk secretes nacre to coat the object, and the layers become pearls.
  4. You can tell if a pearl is real by sliding it across your teeth. If it’s gritty, it’s probably real.
  5. Around 90 percent of pearls are cultured, meaning they are made by mollusks under controlled conditions,and are difficult to differentiate from naturally occurring pearls.
  6. Shortly after her death in 2011, Elizabeth Taylor’s La Peregrina pearl necklace was purchased at her “The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor” Christie’s auction for $11.8 million — the highest amount any pearl has ever sold for at auction.
  7. The largest natural pearl was discovered in Patterson, NJ.
  8. Alexandrite is a rare gemstone made of the mineral chrysoberyl that changes from green to red in incandescent light.
  9. The Alexandrite was named after the Russian tsar, Alexander II, and was the national stone of old Imperial Russia.
  10. Moonstone was given its name by the Roman natural historian Pliny, who wrote that moonstone’s appearance was altered with the phases of the moon — that belief held until some time after the 16th century.
  11. The blue seen in moonstones is not mineral color, but a form of iridescence from multi-layer interference of light known as adularescence.

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